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more important than beauty




(edges shaved, to form straight rectangle)
illustrating Andrew McWilliam and W. R. Barclay. “The adhesion of electro-deposited silver in relation to the nature of the German silver basis metal.” Journal of the Institute of Metals 5 (1911) : 212-223
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

epigram from page 221.

“...trouble in connection with the behavior of high-quality electro-plated spoons and forks under very severe conditions of wear... Owing chiefly to the necessities of the case, but partly to the destructive instincts of virile humanity, these goods are subject to very much severer trials than they would have undergone had they found their way into use in the service of private families”...
p 212

hard materials, treated with sensitivity and closest attention.
as if flesh.

27 April 2014

as if; edges; failure; non-ferrous metals; “Photomicrograph of Dessert Fork”; surfaces
A. McWilliam; W. R. Barclay