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again, it is not mere chance


(image slightly skewed, to square; retains Claude Glass effect)
Fig. 1. Iron rust from magnetised iron wire (Merck) 0.57 mm. diameter immersed in redistilled water for 60 hours. The rust was transferred to a cover glass by means of the wire on which it formed; it was allowed to dry at room temperature; then finally dried far above the flame of a spirit lamp and mounted in Canada balsam. The photograph shows the granules and material of rust arranged in lines or series from the bottom of the picture.

W. D. Francis. The Magnetic Interpretation of Life Based upon Experimental Evidence. (Issued at Bribane, September 11, 1936)
in Pamphlets on Biology : Kofoid collection, volume 485
University of California copy, digitized August 10, 2009

...that there are two poles to a magnet and two sexes of an organism.
epigram from p 13

W(illiam) D(ouglas) Francis (1889-1959 *) was an Australian botanist. He wrote several papers ca 1926-34 on the relationship of iron to the origin of life, iron as the basis of protoplasm, etc... These publications are listed at the end of the present paper, here.

Charles Atwood Kofoid (1865-1947 *) specialized in marine protozoa; he also amassed (somewhat indiscriminately, to his credit!) an enormous collection of books and offprints on biology; see Richard B. Goldschmidt his National Academy of Sciences Biographical Memoir on Kofoid (1951) : 130

3 May 2014

Canada balsam; Claude Glass; iron; magnetism; polarities
W. D. Francis; C. A. Kofoid