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curious concretions. arms and legs.


Plate 7. Fig. 3. Photo showing Beeston Bed with Partings.
(slightly skewed, to square)
illustrating J. H. Everett and G. F. Pickering. “Notes on Some Sections in Elland Road, Leeds.” Transactions of the Leeds Geological Association, Part XVIII (1920) : 33-35
University of Michigan copy, digitized January 25, 2008

The strata to be described are in the Lower Coal Measures, and occur on the steep slope of “Beggars Hill” on the south side of the Elland Road about 1 1/4 miles from the centre of Leeds...
The sandstone contains abundant ripple marks and curious concretions referred to by the workmen as ‘arms and legs’...

3 May 2014

arms and legs; Lower Coal Measures; curious children; curious concretions
J. H. Everett; G. F. Pickering