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zone of impoverishment / among dusty shelves


Fig. 9. The Indicator, 500-ft. Level No. 1, Llanberris Mine.
(slightly skewed to square)
ex T. A. Rickard. “The Indicator Vein, Ballarat, Australia.” Transactions of the American Institute of Mining Engineers 30 (1900) : 1004-1019
University of California copy, digitized October 30, 2012

A zone of impoverishment is usually only a euphemism calculated to obscure the frank recognition of things as they are.   pp 1015-1016

Something among dusty shelves of ordered certitudes long divorced from reality...

ex William Faulkner. The Sound and the Fury. (1929)

30 May 2014

certitudes; dust; euphemisms
William Faulkner; T. A. Rickard, “The Indicator Vein” (1900)