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at a proper distance, 1


(cropped, extreme Claude Glass effect)
The Oak in Yardley Chase, called Gog.
illustrating R. G. Scriven. “The Trees of Northamptonshire. No. 1. Gog.” Journal of the Northampton Natural History Society and Field Club, Vol. 1 (1880-81) : 205-206
Bodleian copy, digitized November 15, 2006

“The soil on which the trees stand, as also the whole of Yardley Chase, is composed of the boulder clay of the glacial drift, which here overlies the limestones of the oolite to a depth of about one hundred feet. It is naturally a barren soil, containing chalkstones and flints, and very impervious to moisture, but like all other deep clays it seems very favourable to the growth of the Oak, which here grows slowly to a large size, producing a fine quality of timber.”
“The photograph of Gog was taken on the 7th of November, 1879.”

Offensive objects, at a proper distance, acquire even a degree of beauty...

ex William Shenstone, “Unconnected Thoughts on Gardening”
The Works of — — in Verse and Prose (1764)   *

5 June 2014

oak; distance, proper; oolite; trees
William Shenstone, “Unconnected Thoughts” (1764); R. G. Scriven. “The Trees of Northamptonshire. No. 1. Gog.”