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deviations of falling bodies


(back cover, detail; rotated 90º)
ex Wm. H. Roever. “Deviations of Falling Bodies.” Astronomical Journal. vol. 28 nos. 22-23-24 (January 22, 1915)
University of Michigan copy (of offprint?), digitized October 29, 2009

a somewhat triumphalist, ill-tempered paper, fortuitously inflected by a typo —

...in the future, experiments for the determination of the deviations of freely falling bodies should be preceded by premilinary [sic] experiments for the determination of the local value of...
p 25

14 June 2014

deviations; error; hubris; night skies; premilinary [sic]
W. H. Roever, “Deviations of Falling Bodies.” (1915)