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wanted for weft, wanted for twist

Asses     Raining, and rivers likely to rise.
Blind     Fair.
Crest     Wanted for weft.
Clay     Wanted for twist.
Cater     Clean stained but sound.

phrases under headings “General Advices and Market Reports,” and “Classifications,” ex O. B. Graham & Co.’s Telegraphic Code, New Orleans. Manchester, 1868
BL copy, digitized April 29, 2013   *

When all this was over, Morgan decided, he was really going to devote himself to the hardware store.

— Anne Tyler. Morgan’s Passing (1980) : 265

17 June 2014

blindness; cotton; cotton codes; hardware stores
O. B. Graham & Co.’s Telegraphic Code (1868); Anne Tyler, Morgan’s Passing (1980)