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the fairest order


subway poster frame (detail), Shibuya (Tokyo), 18 July 2014

The fairest order is a random heap of sweepings.

Heraclitus, Fragment 46.
ex Daniel W. Graham, trans. and ed., The Texts of Early Greek Philosophy : The Complete Fragments and Selected Testimonies of the Major Presocratics (2010)

Fanno to par, etto to mar,
Timin tudo, tido,
Foll to gar in, mitno to par,
Eido, teido, meido

— sung by “children of the caretaker, I should think,” in
Virginia Woolf, chapter “Present Day,” The Years (1937)

could be Hugo Ball

22 July 2014

onsense; sweepings; Tokyo
Heraclitus; Virginia Woolf