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idle thoughts. no words.


front endpaper spread (digitized from microfiche)
ex 上田, 貢太郎 (Ueda Kotaro) 実用和英会話活法 : 最新案速成. 上巻 (Practical Japanese-English conversation active method, latest version; Volume 1). Kobe, 1912
NDL Digital Collection (from fiche)

A mysterious character. Ueda/Ueta Kotaro authored telegraphic codes (e.g., his Practical examples for compiling a private code in conjunction with any 10 or 12 figure cypher code (by K. Ueta, Kobe, 1912)), English language texts, commercial language texts and, under the pseudonym Bomyari, his belletristic collection of essays Idle Thoughts of an Idle Japanese (London, 1906).

Who was this guy?

4 August 2014

idle thoughts; no words
上田, 貢太郎; Ueda Kotaro; Ueta Kotaro