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firework papers (touch paper), &c.

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Ernst von Schwartz. Fire and explosion risks : a handbook dealing with the detection, investigation and prevention of dangers arising from fires and explosions of chemico-technical substances and establishments. For the use of fire insurance officials, fire brigade officers, members of the legal profession, law officers, councillors, factory inspectors and factory owners.
Translated from the revised German edition by Charles T. C. Salter.
London, 1904
University of California copy, digitized 25 March 2008

(indirectly) via Why Read? [since vanished], wherein Dean’s Analytic Schedule is listed.

Flash papers, perfume papers (Armenian paper, Oriental paper), firework papers (touch paper), detonating papers, Bengal light papers, pyrographic papers...
p 159-160

23 August 2014

e; fire and explosion; paper; touch paper
Ernst von Schwartz