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than slight surface depressions

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Fig. 6. — Panels of steel, aluminum and three-ply red gum after being subjected to an impact test
(squared, cropped from border)
illustrating Armin Elmendorf. “Plywood and its uses in automobile construction.” Transactions of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Part I, Volume XV, 1920 (1921) : 863-884
University of Michigan copy, digitized 20 September 2011

epigram ex page 874

The place where there are no words
Regions without words.
Intervals without words.

Paul Valéry, Cahiers / Notebooks 4 (Brian Stimpson et al, ed., 2010) : 55

18 September 2014

construction; impact tests; ohne worte; plywood; tests
A. Elmendorf; Paul Valéry