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and a pressure of 75 lb. absolute


Fig. 20 — The flame (upper) and the pressure (lower) record of an explosion of an ether-air mixture at a temperature of 150 Deg. Cent. (302 Deg. Fahr.) and a pressure of 75 lb. absolute.
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illustrating C. A. Woodbury, H. A. Lewis and C. T. Canby. “The nature of flame movement in a closed cylinder.” Transactions of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Part I, Volume XVI, 1921 (1922) : 465-494, discussion 494-509
University of California, Davis copy, digitized 31 January 2009

“The most important part of our work with ether-air mixtures was the recording of the pressure development during explosions in which the phenomenon of autoignition took place.”
p 489

“Science... the perfecting of the waking state...”

Paul Valéry, Cahiers / Notebooks 4 (Stimpson et al, eds., 2010) : 242

18 September 2014

autoignition; duration; flame movement; the waking state
C. A. Woodbury, et al; Paul Valéry