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of a sort, in the general text

rebar collected, awaiting removal
Cambridge, 16 October 2014

as if sentences unravelled, exposed; or syntax, without its nouns.

His full parenthesis was closed, and he was once more but a sentence, of a sort, in the general text, the text that, from his momentary street-corner, showed as a great grey page of print that somehow managed to be crowded without being "fine." The grey, however, was more or less the blur of a point of view not yet quite seized again; and there would be colour enough to come out. He was back, flatly enough, but back to possibilities and prospects, and the ground he now somewhat sightlessly covered was the act of renewed possession.
He walked northward without a plan...

— Henry James. The Wings of the Dove (1902) Book VI, section I

16 October 2014

rebar; sentences; syntax; tangles; walking; wire; wire models
Henry James. The Wings of the Dove (1902)