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in its abruptness

Plate 9, Fig. 12. Fatigue of Swedish iron by reversals of a stress of 12.4 tons per sq. inch. Magnification 1000 diameters.
after 40,000 reversals.
(cropped from border, squared)
illustrating J. A. Ewing (1855-1935 * ) and J. C. W. Humfrey. “The Fracture of Metals under Repeated Alterations of Stress.” Philosophical Transactions : Mathematical and physical sciences. Series A. 200 (1903) : 241-250, followed by four plates
Cornell copy, digitized August 20, 2013

another region.

The effect of this repeated sliding or grinding is seen at the polished surface of the specimen by the production of a burr, or rough and jagged irregular edge, broadening the slip-band, and suggesting the accumulation of debris.
ex (together with epigram) p 246

9 November 2014

tags: gpoy; creeping flaw; hands; lines; metallurgy; ruination
J. A. Ewing; J. C. W. Humfrey