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what, on this occasion

Plate II. — Banded and Folded Hornblende Schist, Balhoulan Quarry.
(squared, original orientation)
illustrating Henry Coates and Peter Macnair. “On a Banded Hornblende Schist at Balhoulan Quarry, Pitlochry.” (Read 14th January 1897.) Transactions and Proceedings of the Perthshire Society of Natural Science I (1886-93), II (1893-98) : 154-166
University of California copy, digitized November 10, 2009

was looking for tangle, found in a different volume ca. 1906, in a note on the “Revival of a Hebridean Industry” —
every fortnight cargoes of tangle ash and kelp
air-dried tangle
tangle gathering and burning
who will receive tangle ash from all who care to engage in its preparation

yet here too a tangle of scrub (in the northeast of the image), and the slow-motion geological tangles that are the subject of this paper.
epigram ex p161

30 November 2014

folds; hornblende schist; plications; tangle; tangles
H. Coates; P. Macnair