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structureless grays, though occasionally a few patches

Fig. 1 (cropped to square)
illustrating George H. Barton (1852-1933 *). “Bowlders Formed in Situ.” Technology Quarterly and Proceedings of the Society of Arts. 5:4 (December 1892) : 401-405
Pennsylvania State University copy, digitized December 6, 2013

describing “recent exposures” of a dike in Medford, not far from here — Throughout this entire section the rock is entirely decomposed on the vertical surface so that it readily crumbles in the fingers, though occasionally a few patches...

epigram ex Barton (above) and S(ylvester). R. Koehler (1837-1900). “The Photo-Mechanical Processes.” same volume 5:3 (October 1892) : 161-204

and structureless masses.
could be clouds.

5 December 2014

grays; decomposition; photo-mechanical processes
G. H. Barton; S. R. Koehler