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and a whole set of other paths

Fig. 4. (cropped from page, portion of Fig. 1 at right)
Part of plexiform nucleus and adjacent inner capsule, taken from the preparation depicted in figure 2 at point x. x 350 diams. p.n., p.n., p.n., outer border of plexiform nucleus; i.c.f., i.c.f., descending fibres of inner capsule; u.c.f., u.c.f., cortical fibres derived from the grey matter shortly above the Sylvian fossa, and which apparently end in the nerve network of the plexiform nucleus.

illustrating D. J. Hamilton. “On the conducting paths between the cortex of the brain and the lower centres in relation to physiology and pathology.” Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 15 (1886-87) : 519-34, followed by two plates (four figures)
University of Michigan copy, digitized October 3, 3005

epigram ex p 532
brings to mind Corey Kilgannon, “A surgeon as comfortable with a paintbrush as she is with a scalpel” (on painter/neurosurgeon Kathryn Ko), in The New York Times (11/12 December 2014)

12 December 2014

fibres; lines; paths; other paths
D. J. Hamilton; Kathryn Ko