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what perils do environ

(a) — Etched Section Low Moor Iron
(cropped from page)
illustrating L. R. Pomeroy (1857-1917 *). “Steel Axles.”
Paper read December 20, 1894. Proceedings of the New York Railroad Club (1893-95) : *
NYPL copy, digitized January 8, 2010

epigram ex the paperʼs own —
Ah me! what perils do environ
The man that meddles with cold iron!

(attributed to Butler; encountered frequently in 19c popular literature.)

inner turmoils of iron, under stress.

Low Moor Ironworks *
(might also be Low Moor Furnaces, at Low Moor, Virginia)

14 December 2014

iron; low moor iron; meddles; rounds; turmoils
L. R. Pomeroy