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where language was staging itself very, very slowly

Fig. 22
Railroad cut just east of viaduct one and one-half miles west of Manning, Carroll County, Iowa. The cut shows, from the surface, the loess, Kansan drift, soil band, Nebraskan gumbotil, and Nebraskan drift.
(cropped from border, squared)
illustrating George F. Kay (1873-1943 *). “Pleistocene deposits between Manilla in Crawford County and Coon Rapids in Carroll County.” Iowa Geological Survey 27 (Annual Report, 1915, with accompanying papers) 1917 : 213-231
Harvard copy, digitized August 24, 2007

epigram ex David Gatten’s discussion of his The Extravagant Shadows (2012), condensation, and letting paint(s) dry.

19 December 2014

aeolian deposition; loess; slow; slowness
David Gatten; G. F. Kay