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this rather gray interior

obverse of Figure 7 (?)
in John Burnet (1781-1868 *). Practical Hints on Colour in Painting : Illustrated by Examples from the Works of the Venetian, Flemish, and Dutch Schools. London, 1827.
UCLA copy, digitized January 17, 2013

had been idly searching grays, shadows, plates.
from today’s mis- and re-reading, let these serve —

He had originally thought of lines and tones as things to be taken, but these possibilities had now quite melted away... all the windows of his mind, of letting this rather grey interior drink in for once the sun of a clime not marked in his old geography.

— Henry James, The Ambassadors (1903)

23 December 2014

color; grays; lines; tones; shadows; windows
John Burnet, Practical Hints on Colour (1827); Henry James