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by the hand through the mazes of the merry dance

cover scan / hand
John Burnet. The progress of a painter in the nineteenth century. 2 vols. [in 1] . London, 1854
Bodleian copy, digitized September 7, 2006

in his hand the model of a cow’s head
in his hand a couple of large burdock leaves
some bank-notes in his hand

the destructive hand of careless neglect

when palette and brushes are not at hand
and the house on the right-hand side
at the right hand, as you see

is now tenanted by a boat-builder
and as I have on my left hand
[ a ] more practised hand would give a few finishing touches

foxiness on one hand, and rawness on the other
ramification of the branches
by the right hand and lifted

try my hand

by the hand, exclaiming
by the hand, and introduced
by the hand, said

the hand under the eye
as they come to hand. Of form
off his hand into a fire

into his hand, examining it

taking his own sketch-book in his hand
in his hand, as a text
of the hand, and telling

pretensions of off-hand dexterity

by the hand, he resumed
by the hand, alleging
by the hand through the mazes of the merry dance

kissed the extended hand

taking him by the hand (on Don Saltero’s feats of swimming)
her scrutinizing eye alternatively from his hand to his face
to discover those random off-hand dashes

of his picture now in hand

oblique lines
a chequered life
a species of fungus from the water-cask

in his hand. after reading
in his hand
ignorant hand

I long to have the etching-needle in my hand

of perhaps two-thirds of the “hand” phrases in the volume.

23 December 2014

pretensions of off-hand dexterity; chequered life; fortune-telling; hands; obliquities
John Burnet, The Progress of a Painter (1854)