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of haphazard management

Cobblestone and brush dam of Fresno Canal, Kings River
(rotated 90ยบ, detail)
illustrating Carl Ewald Grunsky (1855-1934 *). Irrigation near Fresno, California. Water-supply and Irrigation Papers of the USGS, No. 18. 1898
Harvard copy (issues 11-18), digitized August 28, 2007   *

“The impression which the whole work gives is that of haphazard management, the result of which is not, however, entirely unsatisfactory.”
p 47

Grunsky’s was an interesting career :
medicine > geology/civil engineering (in 1896 “implemented the innovative gravity-based sewer channeling waste rapidly from North Point to Golden Gate or towards Oakland”) > approved the St. Francis dam immediately before it failed...

30 December 2014

canals; confluences; haphazardry; water
C. E. Grunsky