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the heat of fermentation or the desire to assume

Plasmodium creeping on glass.
Sheringham, Norfolk. W. H. B., 1899.
Magnified 4 diameters.
[cropped from page]
illustrating W. H. Burrell. “Mycetozoa. Synonyms, Myxomycetes, Myxogastres, Slime Fungi.” Read 29th November, 1898. Transactions of the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society 6:4 (1898-99) : 449-452 (and preceded by unnumbered plate, of illustrations by J. and E. Saunders)
Harvard copy, digitized February 13, 2008

slightly different view in Cornell copy, digitized February 19, 2010

I was interested to learn from Mr. Upcherʼs gardener, that he has frequently noticed it on decaying leaves collected for use in his greenhouses, either the heat of fermentation or the desire to assume the fruiting stage driving it to the surface of the heaps...   p 450

This article, referring to some part of Englandʼs northeast, brings to mind a brilliant (and sepia toned) tumblr, removed some time ago and much missed — Folds And Fissures.

12 January 2015

desire; heat of fermentation; leaves; orts; ubi sunt
W. H. Burrell; Folds and Fissures