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The Hooghly River Code, 4

[detail, back cover]
Proceedings of the Bombay Geographical Society vol. 2 (August, November 1838; February, May 1839)
Bodleian copy, digitized July 12, 2007

199     Does it answer ?
200     It answers.
201     It does not answer.

217     She had arrived.
218     She had not ditto.

220     Has arrived.
221     Has not arrived.

241     How does she bear from you ?
242     Ditto ditto ditto ditto from (the object will be noted).

ex The Hooghly River Code,
Adapted for General Use of the Semaphore Stations on or near its banks, in aid of Conollyʼs Vocabulary & Marryattʼs Code, and intended to facilitate communication between Saugor Island and Calcutta, on all principal subjects, likely to interest the navigator, the merchant, and the community at large. By Charles L. Smartt, of the Honorable Companyʼs Bengal Marine Establishment. Containing also, a short description of Conollyʼs Semaphore as now used; and the method of making signals.
Calcutta: Printed at the Baptist Mission Press, Circular Road. 1833.
British Library copy, digitized August 19, 2014 


February 4, 1835, Mr. C. L. Smartt to Miss C. M. Tucker.
in Indian News. — Calcutta
Alexanderʼs East India and Colonial Magazine, Vol X. No. 57 (August 1835) : 193
Another contemporary record of the marriage gives the bride as Charlotte Maria Tucker —
Marriages at Calcutta, February 4, 1835, in The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany (August 1835) : 240*
But this is presumably not the author of that name, (1821-1893 *).

At Sea, August 7, 1836. Mr. C. L. Smartt of the Pilot Service.
The Calcutta Christian Observer (November 1836) : 609

Curiously, C. M. Tuckerʼs poem “The Spirits of Light,” in A.L.O.E. (her pseudonym), Glimpses of the Unseen : Poems (Edinburgh, 1854), has a long passage on the death of a mariner — “one of a thoughtless crew” — who falls from the rigging and is lost at sea.

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arrivals; one of a thoughtless crew; answers; at sea; Hooghly River; rounds; signal codes; telegraphic codes
C. L. Smartt; C. M. Tucker