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elimination of the personal factor, and the better analysis

Figures 4-7
(cropped from borders, and squared)
Figures 4, 5, 6 and 7 are micro-photographs of residues retained on 170 mesh sieve, 200 mesh, 280 mesh and through 280 mesh sieve, the fines. Each co-ordinate division has a length of .00833 m.m.
F. W. Walker, Jr. “A Means for the Determination of the Fineness of Raw Materials.” Transactions of the American Ceramic Society 18 (1916) : 499-507
University of California copy, digitized August 27, 2009

epigram ex p 504

recalls another means of measurement, for standardization — Nathan Augustus Cobb his projection method for tracing cotton fibers, described at 0041
not to mention Brice Marden and Agnes Martin, being an amalgam thereof.

29 January 2015

elimination of the personal factor; fines; grid; residues; standardization
F. W. Walker; N. A. Cobb