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into a new region

front flyleaf (detail, 90º cw; levels: 0 1.10 255)
William Henry Besant (1828-1917 *). A Treatise on Hydrodynamics, Third Edition (1877)
Radcliffe Library (Oxford) copy, digitized April 19, 2006
same copy, evidently same scan, though better (worse) file, at archive.org
from which these and thens

and then turned     38
and then diminishes, vanishing for     81
and then displaced     100
symmetry, and then left to itself     105
filled with mercury, and then inverted     110
and then diminishes; and, since     137
set in motion in any way, and then left to itself     142
its rim is tied, and then     163
oscillations and then to be removed     275
and then a fresh wave is formed     298
and then suspended     300
approximately, and then     303
distant l and then     319
and then let go     320

romantic advance into a new region of thought, hitherto unexplored...     iii

29 October 2015

ands; fluid; fluid dynamics
W. H. Besant