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with this in view, a red

back cover, detail
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London : Containing papers of a mathematical or physical character. 190 (1897)
Michigan copy, digitized August 16, 2007

grey, with red streaks
wherein, for red light
red light
and the light used is red

the properties of red —
perhaps the hardest to judge on that account

with this in view, a red
fields of the red
fields of a red

with red on the left
extreme red to beyond

to make the wire red hot, when its shadow was observed
and red light noted

maybe a third of the red phrases in this volume.

Red is a moment in time. Blue constant. Red is quickly spent.

Derek Jarman (1942-94 *), Chroma (1994)   p 37

9 February 2015

Derek Jarman