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this, he cannot doubt the reality of

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W. F. Robie, M.D., Superintendent Pine Terrace, Baldwinville, Mass. The Art of Love. The Rational Sex Series, Boston. 1921.
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same volume, different scan at archive.org.

Page 11, line 42.     For or read of.
Page 18, line 2.     For ideas read administration.

Page 22, line 36.     For value read the vague.

Page 28, line 5.     For generative read degenerative.
Page 29, line 16.     Omit It will be noticed.
Page 29, line 32.     For catalogued above read attempted by others.

Page 63, line 49.     For Athics read Ethics.
ex Errata, Psyche and Eros. 1:1 (July 1920)

Page 195, line 1.     For dream experience, he feels driven to the
read this, he cannot doubt the reality of

Page 253, line 25, col. 2.     For right-minded read right-handed

ex Errata, Psyche and Eros (An international bi-monthly journal of psychoanalysis, applied psychology and psychotherapeutics). 2:4 (July-August 1921)
University of Michigan copy, digitized November 11, 2008

encountered by accident, in search for information on W. F. Robie.
too much for one post.

16 February 2015

dream experience; errata; errors; psyche and eros; Rational Sex Series; vagueness
W. F. Robie