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and fall bodily out of place

Fig. 7. — Longitudinal section through fractured end of wire
b (at left) and c show lower left-hand corner before and after etching. Some intercrystalline features show a gray non-metallic substance, evidently oxide. Etching, concentrated nitric acid 1 to 2 sec.
(cropped to square)
illustrating Henry S. Rawdon (1880-1954 *) and A. I. Krynitzky. “Deterioration of Nickel Spark-plug Terminals in Service.” Transactions of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical and Engineers 64 (1921) : 129-158
University of Chicago copy, digitized October 17, 2012

“In some cases entire crystals become detached in this zone and fall bodily out of place.”   p 138

9 March 2015

longitudinal sections; metallurgy; pairings
H. S. Rawdon, A. I. Krynitzky