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some fault allowed, a pleasure a test

Fig. 3. Greasy Australian wool fibers magnified 50 times. One faulty fiber showing central marking.
(cropped from border)
ex Howard Priestman. “A Study of Kemps. True nature of the dead fibers which cause so much trouble to manufacturers.” Bulletin of the National Association of Wool Manufacturers (1911) : 245-264
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

May Basket.       What did they believe they change
Paul Arthur.       It was theirs which was a mistake
Chorus.       Will they held.

DAGIX       Some fault allowed
CHIKF       Faulty sorts

Jonas William.       It is a pleasure a test
Barbara Earle.       It is as well to be mistaken

DADEN       Sound and shafty wools
DADOX       Warp length but tender

May Lidell.       It is a mistake to know

code phrases
ex Private Telegraphic Code of W. P. Martin & Co., Limited, Sydney (1922)

other phrases
ex Gertrude Stein, Short Sentences (1932), in Last Operas and Plays (1949)   *

15 March 2015

faults; faulty sorts; kemps; weavings; wool
H. Priestman; W. P. Martin, Private Telegraphic Code of (1922); Gertrude Stein