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and on the transport of fine mud

frontispiece scan, rotated 90º
Waves meeting and crossing in very shallow water.
(detail, east, secondary waves in tissue overlay)
Vaughan Cornish (1862-1948). Waves of the Sea and Other Water Waves. With 50 photographs taken by the author. London, 1910
University of California copy, digitized September 27, 2007

epigram ex p 141

could be a desert scene.

Cornish wrote on wave forms, political (Imperial and white imperialist) geography, and aesthetic geography, and had the private means to pursue his interests, shared by his first wife Ellen (an engineer and artist). He authored a second volume on waves — Waves of Sand and Snow and the Eddies Which Make Them (1914), available via the Internet Archive.
See Andrew Goudie, “Vaughan Cornish : Geographer” (with a bibliography of his published works) in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 55 (March 1972) : 1-16 (read online here); see also wikipedia. DNB entry used to be (and is no longer) accessible.

21 March 2015

crossings; deserts; mud; water
V. Cornish, Waves of the Sea and other Waves (1910)