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and on the snow in the middle distance

Plate XIII, Fig. 1
(cropped to squares; west, middle, east)
John Trowbridge (1843-1923 *). “On the Gaseous Constitution of the H and K lines of the Solar Spectrum, together with a Discussion of Reversed Gaseous Lines.” Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science V (Sixth Series) (January-June 1903) : 524-29
University of Michigan copy, digitized October 3, 2005


for the snow-line would then be
snow in the middle distance.

The wood was wrapped with cotton.   *


a light fall of fine snow

these lines faintly   *

blocking by
the increase of atmosphere
and other exceptional conditions.


vapour does in dry air   *

if not as white as plaster-of-paris

high gales and drifting snow,
few people would envy the observer

snow phrases, selected from other papers in same volume.
rearranged (to one post, what was three)

22 March 2015

blind; cotton; distance; middle distance; snow; spectra; vapour
J. Trowbridge