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of a particular hole to live in, a particular anything

Plate V.
Comparison of records (of head or eye movement) for the two planes (vertical and horizontal)
(cropped from page)
William Anton Smith. An Experimental Study in the Psychology of Reading. University of Chicago dissertation, 1917
Harvard University copy, digitized Oct 7, 2008

The selection of a particular hole to live in,
of a particular mate,
of a particular feeding-ground,
a particular variety of diet,
a particular anything,
in short, out of a possible multitude,
is a very widespread tendency
But each of these preferences carries with it an insensibility to
other opportunities and occasions...

text (from Smith’s dissertation) taken from William James, his passage on The Law of Inhibition of Instincts by Habits, in The Principles of Psychology (1891)

26 March 2015

anythings; particular anythings; habit; holes; numbers; reading
W. James; W. A. Smith