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a substitute for all other kinds of reading

(back cover, rotated 89.6ยบ CW, left detail)
ex The British Review and London Critical Journal Vol. V (1813)
Bodleian copy, digitized November 13, 2006

A review, therefore, in honest hands, pretends not to be “a substitute for all other kinds of reading,” but with a reader of judgement is only a substitute for imperial, hotpressed, empty quartos. It is, in some sort, necessary to those who are desirous to avoid wasting their time and money in experimental reading...

...to the object of directing the public attention to such books as really deserve it, and of extracting the quintessence of others which require to be submitted to the refining process...

ex Vol. II (1811), same journal : p 61

27 March 2015

clouds; experimen membaca; experimental reading; littoral; reading; the refining process; substitutes; waves