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considers the stove a tree. makes verses.

consciousness of his personal identity confused
excess of fancy, ecstasy, makes verses

more in the fresh air than in the room
errors as to time and velocity of gait

awkward, lets everything drop

confounds things of the present with those of the past
converses with people who are not present

considers the stove a tree and wants to climb up

undertakes many things, perseveres in nothing
as if wrapped in a fog
only conscious of himself as in a dream

selected from passage on mania,
ex Samuel Lilienthal (1815-91 *). Homoeopathic Therapeutics (M – Z).
Second enlarged and revised edition (1879)
Lane Memorial Library (Stanford) copy, interleaved for notes, no date of digitization

every condition a symptom.
for every symptom a homoeopathic cure; for every cure, a symptom.
homoeopathy (mostly) gone, but its ghost remains.

5 April 2015

dreams; excess; fancy; gpoy; homoeopathy; makes verses; walking
S. Lilienthal