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however, this theory falls to the ground

a marker of the same white cotton
(detail, tabular description of string record 1 (Nicola Valley), rotated 90º CW)
J. D. Leechman and M. R. Harrington. String Records of the Northwest. Indian Notes and Monographs 16 (1921)
Indiana University copy, digitized May 7, 2009

epigram p 6

about 180 feet in length... tied into more than 6,600 simple knots.   9

Then follow five feet of string without knots, bringing the record to an end.  47

Three other copies available via archive.org — Smithsonian, University of Toronto and (opening here to same page), University of California.

25 April 2015

ends and means; falling; knots; theories; waves
J. D. Leechman and M. R. Harrington, String Records of the Northwest (1921)