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ex Memoirs of the Chemical Society of London for 1841-1842 and 1842-1843. I (1843)
University of California copy, digitized March 23, 2009
from whose interior these —

by standing over melted         2
stirring of the melted mass         39

came in contact with the melted         47
it cannot be melted without being decomposed         77

heat takes place. the melted         78
the greater bulk of the melted         79

fusion. if once melted         160
melted with it. the fused mixture         162
were melted with fresh-fused         201
when the smallest trace of it is melted         202

previously melted         206
the intense and peculiar smell. it melted         230

that this cream may be melted to a very hard         249
suddenly will melt in its water of         160

at which the two bodies melt is very small         231
and again fused; because the melting         39

with great tenacity, and by which its melting         43
also to analysis. the melting         44

without melting takes fire         64
becomes then of a brown violet colour without melting         67

is sprinkled on melting         97-98
reduced by gently melting         98

without melting. in that respect         160
without either melting or undergoing any loss         161
two bodies melt is very small. the melting         231
the melting point         232

separated on the top of the liquid. on melting         250

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meltings, various