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was getting well formed

back cover (detail, rotated 90º ccw)
W(alter). F(ranklin). Robie. Sex and Life : What the Experienced Should Teach and What the Inexperienced Should Learn. Rational Sex Series (1920)
Stanford (Lane Medical Library) copy, no date of digitization

You see my capacity for reverie was getting well formed.

different scan, same (Stanford) copy, archive.org

aside —
these dips into the Rational Sex Series bring to (this) mind the success of Viña Delmar’s Bad Girl (1928 *) — that was in large part a handbook in how to have a baby — and what Brenda Sue Helt, in her dissertation The Work of Bisexuality in Modernist Women’s Writing : Sexual Epistemology, Modernist Aesthetics, Feminist Politics (University of Minnesota, 2008), describes as increased demand for sexual knowledge (by women, but also men?) and the growing public consent for sexual science to meet that demand during the interwar period. The books in this series, of uneven quality as they may be, fit into that framework.

11 May 2015

littoral; Rational Sex Series; reveries; waves
W. F. Robie