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viscous liquid, or true solid

Plate XIV. Composite photograph showing path of each component particle of a foam cylinder.
(cropped from border, and squared; sharpened one step)
George F. Becker (1847-1919 *) and Arthur L. Day 1869-1960 *). “An Interesting Pseudosolid.” Proceedings of the Washington Academy of Sciences 7 (July 24, 1905) : 289-299
Princeton copy, (miscellaneous Papers from the Geophyical Library, Carnegie Institution), digitized January 11, 2010
Harvard copy (opening to above image), archive.org

epigram   289

“We next turned to the white of egg... (it is imperative that it be very fresh)”   290

“The remainder of the process was mechanical.”   293

3 June 2015

dots; particles; pseudosolids; twisted prisms
G. F. Becker; A. L. Day