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damaged temporary / t

Photograph 1, taken May 17, 1895 / d out. On the left is seen the contractor’s damaged temporary / t end (head) of lock pit.
(fold unopened; detail, with constructivist glitch as found; levels : 10 1.00 255)
illustrating Appendix B B. “Improvement of Tennessee River and its Tributaries.” Report of Capt. Theo. A. Bingham (? 1858-1934 *), Corps of Engineers, Officer in charge, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1895, with other documents relating to the works.
Annual Report of the Chief Engineer, United States Army... for the Year 1895. Part III (of seven). 1895
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
screen shot of (google scan) full page

“Comparatively little had been accomplished by the contractor, his efforts having been principally confined to excavation of lock pit.”   p 2294

9 June 2015

excavation; infrastructure; rounds
T. A. Bingham, “Improvement of Tennessee River and its Tributaries” (1895)