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and, as it were, “psychic”

Plate XI.
...left grossly normal-looking gyrus. Nerve-cell poverty is probably again in evidence in both gyri, although this condition is notoriously hard to diagnosticate.
illustrating E(lmer). E(rnest). Southard (1876-1920 *). “On the Direction of Research as to the Analysis of Cortical Stigmata and Focal Lesions in Certain Psychoses.” From the Transactions of the Association of American Physicians 29 (1914),
here reprinted in Collected Contributions (Third Series, 1915), State Board of Insanity and the State Institutions for Mental Disease and Defect (Boston, 1916)
NYPL copy, digitized December 11, 2008

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Still absorbed in scans of medical literature, 19th and early 20th centuries. This from search for the Boston Psychopathic Hospital (later known as Mass Mental), site of Bloom, an installation involving 28,000 potted, blooming flowers, occasioned by the closing of that hospital in 2003, and conceived/executed by Anna Schuleit Haber. Former physicians, staff and patients participated in a conference, as well.
Visitors (myself among them) wandered the halls, visited the basement swimming pool (full of discarded furniture), lingered in the library.

16 June 2015

bloom; clouds; dots; psychic; stigmata
E. E. Southard; A. S. Haber