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periods of folding

map envelope, unopened
(details, NW rotated 90ºccw, SW rotated 90ºcw)
in Waldemar Lindgren. Ore Deposits of the Jerome and Bradshaw Mountains Quadrangles, Arizona. U.S.G.S. Bulletin 782 (1926)
bound in Contributions to Economic Geology (short Papers and Preliminary Reports, 1925: Part I. — Metals and Nonmetals Except Fuels, Issues 777-783)
Stanford (Branner Geological Library) copy, no date of digitization
from which —

being a selection of folds and folding — about a third of all — in entire volume.
figure before page number indicates USGS Bulletin number.

20 June 2015

economic geology; foldings; folds
W. Lindgren