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near, far. nothing, nowhere.

porch views
Cambridge, 18 July 2015

Was.     Porch.
Xaf.     Window.             54

Buka.     Light.
Burka.     Dark.
Bula.     Right.
Buma.     Wrong.
Buna.     Straight.
Bupa.     Crooked.
Buqa.     More.
Bura.     Less.
Busa.     Near.
Buta.     Far, remote.
Buva.     Durable.
Buwa.     Adjacent.
Buxa.     Nothing.
Buya.     Nowhere.             143

extracts from Andrew Hallner (1846-1930 *), The Scientific Dial Primer, Containing universal code elements of universal language, new base for mathematics, etc. (1912)

more on this (and other) religious / missions codes

19 July 2015

far; near; nothing; nowhere; telegraphic codes; windows
A. Hallner, The Scientific Dial Primer (1912)