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the masses always lay

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Pl. V, Fig. 15.—Typhoid fever. Section of the kidney, showing a mass of bacteria (a) in the blood-vessels. x 100. (From a photograph by Dr. [Robert] Koch.) [the mass of bacteria is the darker series of lakes in middle]
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illustrating Dr. [Georg Theodor August] Gaffky (1850-1918 *). “On the Etiology of Enteric Fever.” Mittheilungen aus dem Gesundheitsamte, Vol. ii. (Berlin, 1884.), translated (into English) by J. J. Pringle and collected in W. W. Cheyne (1852-1932), ed., Recent essays by various authors on bacteria in relation to disease (1886)
Wellcome Library copy, others (opening to same page spread) are
University of Toronto copy and
Stanford (Lane Medical Library) copy (poor scan)

the masses always lay in the capillaries or smallest blood-vessels     224

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31 July 2015

kidney; lakes; landscape; transference
G. T. A. Gaffky, “On the Etiology of Enteric Fever.” (1884); R. Koch