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special encore, sneak preview

detail, NE area of page A15
(including portion of halftone photograph by Andy Manis, and the ghost of showthrough; levels 50 1.00 255)
the clipping “An environmentalist on a different path / A fresh view of the supposed ‘wilderness’ and even the Indians’ place in it,” The New York Times (April 3, 1999) tucked into my copy of William Cronon, Nature’s Metropolis : Chicago and the Great West (1991)
in which there is a section on telegraphy and development of Chicago’s commodities/futures market, brought to my attention yesterday

byline (Janny Scott) was omitted from original printing, supplied later.   *
epigram from showthrough advertisement for the film Never Been Kissed

“The elevator helped turn grain into capital by obscuring and distancing its link with physical nature, while another new technology extended that process by weakening its link with geography.”

W. Cronon, Nature’s Metropolis (1991) : 120

23 August 2015

grain; NYT; telegraph
William Cronon