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Let us not be deceived by words... let us probe this question


cover (detail, 90ºccw)
William Henry Harrison Murray (1840-1904 *). Prohibition vs. License : A Review of Ex-Gov. Andrew’s Argument for License (New York, 1867)
Harvard copy, digitized June 16, 2008

“simply because once as a child on a particular winter day she had observed this from the great bridge, when it was so cold that everything seemed rigid but the huge, wild ice floes galloping along with much crashing and banging and smokelike frost clouds that rose from them, from which all the pedestrians on the bridge fled, except her, of course.”

ex Peter Handke, My Year in the No-Man’s-Bay (Krishna Winston translation of Mein Jahr in der Niemandsbucht (1994, 98)) : 241

epigram  p 3

28 August 2015

deception; distances; horizon; rounds
W. H. H. Murray; Peter Handke