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suggesting blood mixed

(inside) front cover (detail, rotated 90ยบ ccw)
Swami Panchadasi (William Walker Atkinson, 1862-1932 *). The Human Aura : Astral Colors and Thought Forms.
Volume 1 of Occult Manuals / True occult knowledge gives you practical power and strength
Advanced Thought Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. (1916)
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
same copy, different scan (?) and quality, at archive.org

“Descending in the scale, we find the crimson shade becoming darker and duller, until we descend to the plane of impure, sensual, coarse passion, which is manifested by an ugly, dull, muddy crimson of a repulsive appearance, suggesting blood mixed with dirty earth or barnyard soil.”

7 September 2015

blood; mud; or barnyard soil; horizon; red; New Thought
W. W. Atkinson, Astral Colors and Thought Forms (1916)