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aids to diagnosis

(detail, scanning apparatus above p14)
J. Milner Fothergill (1841-88 *). Aids to Diagnosis. Part I: Semeiology. (1881)
Bound with Francis Ashley Faught (1881-1963). Blood Pressure Primer (1914)
Stanford (Lane Medical Library) copy, no date of digitization

σήμειον — a sign or a symptom.

Then there are sources of error.

The eyes — But it is necessary to have clear ideas on the subject, else error may arise.
Nervous supply.
Look of pain.

The Clothes — The arrangement, or want of it, of the clothes often gives a quantity of useful information...

The tongue — for the tongue is the index of the state of the intestinal canal...

all these and others (not carefully selected here) fall under the heading the education of the eye   p 7

7 September 2015

diagnosis; education of the eye; else error may arise; σήμειον; semeiology
J. M. Fothergill