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oyu oza ozo

Relationship of suspect to things or persons

oyu     possesses (possess)
oyx     is (are) in the suspicious possession of
oyy     is (are) in the innocent possession of
oyz     was (were) in the possession
oza     is (are) the owner (s) of
ozb     he (she) has
ozd     he (she) is supposed to have
oze     he (she) was supposed to have had
ozf     he (she) is supposed to have there
ozg     he (she) is
ozh     he (she) is supposed to be
ozi     he (she) is supposed to have been
ozk     he (she) was

ex International Police Telegraph Code. Translated from the Edition Published by the International Criminal Police Commission. (1930)
National Archives source
description of this and (some) other police codes

24 October 2015

police codes; suppositions
International Police Telegraph Code (1930)