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ruins to the second power.


back endpaper (details; levels 10 1.00 255; watermark blurred)
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-99 *). Vermischte Schriften : Neue Original Ausgabe. Mit dem Portrait, Facsimile und einer Ansicht des Geburtshauses des Verfassers, Volume 2 (Dieterich, 1844)
University of Michigan copy, digitized July 14, 2005
same (Michigan) copy, minus alas the desert-scape above, but opening to a page of curves at archive.org

And now the artificial ruins were gradually becoming natural ones. Ruins to the second power.

ex Aphorisms, in The Lichtenberg Reader (translated, edited and introduced by Franz H. Mautner and Henry Hatfield, 1959) : 86

and, because Simone Weil in mind —

To draw back before the object we are pursuing. Only what is indirect is effective...

ex Simone Weil, The Notebooks of(Arthur Wills, trans., 1956, 2004) : 169
(previously quoted)

7 November 2015

curves; folds; indirection; ruination
G. C. Lichtenberg; Simone Weil